Twitter Aflame as Controversial Comedian makes Black Thursday Jibe

by Parker Fields  |  2012-04-24  8:30a.m.

Just days after being lambasted by the Obesity Support Group for tweeting that overweight people should be fitted with ‘mouth sieves’, controversial comedian Frederick ‘Freddy’ Banes has caused yet another furore. And this time, thousands have signed a petition for Bane to be banned from using the popular social networking site. His tweet, a joke about British air carrier Go!Go! Air, one of the four airlines that lost a plane during the tragic events of Black Thursday, has been described as ‘heartless’ and ‘too soon’ by many of his followers, most of whom are usually quick to jump to his defence.

Go!Go!’s Flight 277 crashed into the sea off the Portuguese coast, killing all but one of the passengers and crew on board.

The tweets in full:

Melanie Moran, the spokesperson for 277 Together, the support group for those who lost loved ones in the Go!Go! Air disaster, issued the following statement: ‘How can someone with such a high-profile be so heartless? I lost my daughter in the crash. He should be ashamed of himself.’

Banes had this to say: ‘It was a throwaway joke. And not a good one at that. If people want to go after someone, then go after the people who are cashing in on the tragedy. The f**king corporate arseholes who will use Black Thursday as an excuse for more of their illegal so-called anti-terrorist wars, or that rapper who’s already capitalising on the disasters to sell more of his f**king shite.’