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Just what reddit needs. Another Black Thursday post. Get over it. Yes it was horrible and shocking. Leave the survivors in peace.

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Got to admit those kids beat the odds big time. There’s no rational explanation for why they survived.

[–]Taintedluv [score hidden] ago

Oh reaaaallly? How about that Muslim kid who lived through that crash in the nineties? She wrote a book about it.

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Any chance of a TL:DR? I usually try not to go around clicking random website links. I might catch something.

[–]bewildered_cat_hunter 47 points ago

Basically, the name of a Texan pastor was mentioned in the message left by that American woman on the Sun Air crash before she died. And now he’s convinced she was telling him that those kids are the four horsemen of the apocalypse and that the rapture is coming.

[–]Mashlibrarian 132 points ago

So by ‘people’ you mean one crazy guy?

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Looks like there are a few of them actually, they call themselves ‘The Pamelists’.

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I’m a Pamela-Andersonist. Does that count?

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So, who is the fourth horseman then if there are only 3 survivors?

[–]Aaaaaaaaaargh 243 points ago

The TSA.

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Here is the message for those of you who haven’t seen it: “They’re here. I’m ... don’t let Snookie eat chocolate, it’s poison for dogs, she’ll beg you, the boy. The boy watch the boy watch the dead people oh Lordy there’s so many ... They’re coming for me now. We’re all going soon. All of us. Bye Joanie I love the bag bye Joanie, Pastor Len warn them that the boy he’s not to–”

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Sounds to me like she’s more worried about her dog than the coming of the rapture.

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Are YOU ready for the doggy rapture?

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But…but…I thought all dogs went to heaven….:(

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Why else would four planes go down on the same day? C’mon reddit, learn to do logic.

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Terrorists. End of.

[–]Aaaaaaaaaargh 11 points ago

Didn’t they say no terrorists were involved?

[–]Pony_watcher 42 points ago

Okay, clever terrorists then.

[–]I_got_this_fuuu 185 points ago

All I want to know is: which people on those planes managed to piss off the government(s)

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Little early to be putting on our tinfoil hats don’t you think?

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What gets me is all the people saying ‘the Lord blessed those kids’. Really? He couldn’t have found a way to do it without killing hundreds of innocent people?

[–]Art_for_my_face 23 points ago

But u/Mackleback he saved those children for a reason.

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Those kids better bring peace to the world or cure cancer or some shit then.

[–]It_was_him 147 points ago

No. I bet they’ll just end up with their own reality shows when they’re older.

[–]lord_of_mike 23 points ago

Get these motherfucking kids off this motherfucking plane!

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My dad works for the NTSB. He says that no way those kids should have survived. He says that it’s really rare for just one person to survive a crash, usually it’s loads or none. I’d ask him to do an AMA but he doesn’t know how to reddit and is really busy.

[–]Bubblegum _Cupcake 17 points ago

Maybe they really are possessed.

[–]It’s_the_Troof 89 points ago

Yeah. By the spirit of Chuck Norris.

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A belief in spirit possession can be found in almost every culture. Often the behaviour exhibited by the so-called possessed has a rational explanation – mental illness being the most common. However, there are a number of recorded cases of the so-called possessed contorting their bodies in ways that should ordinarily have resulted in severe injury or even death, yet they have survived unscathed. I have seen such cases first-hand. There is no doubt in my mind that these children are possessed. How else could they have survived?

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A wild crazy person has appeared!

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Bulbasaur used Lithium! It was super effective!

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u/Raavi you should do an AMA on this shit.

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Face it. We’re never going to know why those kids survived. Or why the planes went down.